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If you love all things cheese and charcuterie, you're in the right place! We are a local cheese shop specializing in creating graze boxes and charcuterie boards for your event, but, most importantly, providing you with all of the cheesy, meaty goodness you need to create your own. Need some locally sourced items to set off your fantastic selections just right? We've got you. Here you will find regionally local jams, spreads, nuts, crackers and all the other accouterments you need to create the perfect board for you. 
Our doors open in May of 2022 at 804 Riverfront Parkway, Ste. 110, Chattanooga, TN, but until then, call us to design and deliver something beautiful and delicious to your next event.

Meat and Cheese



Our Products

So, what, exactly, is it you do, again?

All of our cheeses and charcuterie rotate, so there's always something new to try on our menu. We try to always have a nice variety in every box- something everyone enjoys (like a cheddar or gouda), something a little bit funky (like a bleu or chevre), and something interesting and different. On the meat side, you can expect one with a bit of kick (like a spicy sopressata) and one crowd-pleaser (like prosciutto). Our nuts, fruit, pickled items, spreads, and honey are generally from regionally local sources, as are most of our cheeses and meats. If you have any special requests (like, say, you want it EXTRA funky), please let us know when you order and we'll do our best to accommodate!


The Lone Wolf


Our charcuterie cones are a big hit at corporate lunches and wedding receptions. These come individually-wrapped and are perfect as a large snack for one person. Easy to hold, so you can walk and cheese it at the same time.


That's Amore'


This box is a perfect meal for 2 (or 1- we won't judge!) or apps for 4. It contains 2-3 varieties of what are basically dairy gold, 2 varieties of cured meat, and a variety of items such as olives, dried fruit, nuts, candy, seasonal fresh fruit, honey, and spreads.


Squad Goals


This is THE box. The one you get and suddenly everyone is your friend. We're not saying you HAVE to share, but you certainly could. This feeds 4 people, or is a great snack for 8. It contains 3-4 types of premium cheese, 3 types of cured meat (including one lovingly shaped like a flower because we're fancy like that), an assortment that may include olives, dried fruit, nuts, candy, seasonal fresh fruit, honey, spreads- all kinds of goodies that will really enhance the flavors of the stars of this show. Oh, and carbs! Lots of carbs!


Date Night on Lock


Welcome to the ultimate date night treat. You'll get a 12" wooden board jam-packed with incredible items, thoughtfully sourced just for you. Check this out-

FOUR amazing, decadent cheeses

A selection of luxurious cured meats  like duck foie gras sausage, pastrami smoked salmon, prosciutto, nduja, prosciutto, etc.

Local Tennessee Truffle Honey

A selection of our very best spreads

Cornichons and something deliciously briny

Passionfruit caviar pearls

 Decadent chocolate

Sweet and savory nuts from local Magnolia Fine Food Company

A big box of fresh-baked bread and crackers, all packaged in a glorious tower of love!!

And we will deliver it to you if you live within 20 miles of Chattanooga! 


We’ve got some amazing local products waiting for you. Get in touch with us today to make your order!

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