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Who We Are

Chattcuterie is Chattanooga's funkiest little cheese, charcuterie and wine shop, specializing in providing the area with the finest selection of regionally local cheeses, charcuterie, and perfect accoutrements and wine pairings. We love talking about our products and the amazing vendors who supply them so you feel confident knowing exactly where your food came from and exactly the best way to prepare or pair it for flavor overdrive. 

We are a husband/wife duo who met 10 years ago, and our first conversation was about cheese and our shared dream to one day have a business selling it. A decade (and 2 kids) later, here we are! Simply put- we are the cheesiest foodies around. (See what I did there?)


Our local food scene is changing and evolving rapidly, and we’re proud and excited to be playing our part in helping to provide hard-to-find items to our neighbors, and making the fancy more everyday. We can't wait until you can come and visit us in person to sample something new. You might be surprised how funky you like it!

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